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Special Christmas offer of dehydrated pig ears

Natursec S.L.


In Natursec S.L. ewe produce 100% natural chews and treats from animal origin for pets without any additives or preservatives, sited in Taradell, in the Osona's region of Barcelona, Spain.

A strict control during its elaboration and a careful selection of premiun quality local raw materia makes of our products a magnificent, healthy and tasty choice for them...
...our very best friends!

Natursec S.L. is a leading enterprise manufacturing treats and snacks for pets in Spain.

More than 15 years dedicated mainly and basically in the dehydration of top-quality natural meat products.

Since 2007 we are integrated to a larger enterprises group, fact that represented a notable production's increasement and a great improvement in the manufacture procedures and protocols.

Nowadays our company supplies many of the spanish major wholesalers, exporting also part of our production to Europe.

Our products are highly appreciated by the pet nutrition world due the waranty of the raw materia quality and the fact that we do not use any sort of preservatives or additives in their elavoration.

Don't hesitate contacting us for any enquiry you would like to pose.
It will be a pleasure saluting and serving you,

Thank you

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Chews for Pets without additives or conservatives
Made in Spain with spanish raw materials


Address: Calle Treball, 8 - Polígono ind. "El Vivet"

08552 Taradell (BARCELONA) ES
E-mail: admin@natursec.com
Phone: +34 93 812 62 89
+34 93 850 91 42
+43 60 857 42 89